Effective Air Purification Systems Testimonials


Effective air purification systems in laboratories can make a difference in the health of employees and patients. Effective air purification systems help increase the success rate in IVF laboratories.  With the many products on the market today choosing effective air purification systems can be very difficult.  Knowing experts in your field of work or business that use a particular air purification system that is effective as well as efficient, is vital in making the right decision. 

Effective Air purification systems can significantly reduce airborne pathogens that can cause the spread of disease, viruses, and illness. Having clean hands, surfaces, equipment, and air makes your indoor environment safe for you, your employees, customers, and livestock. 

Photocatalytic Oxidation is the most effective technology in destroying malignant microbes.  Zandair™ products are effective air purification systems because we use this technology.  

If you own one of our air purification systems and would like to share your knowledge of its effectiveness with others please contact us and we will include your testimonial on our website.



A testimonial by their (Trans Ova Genetics, LC) Chief Scientific officer:

transova_(2)-resized-600We use Zander IVF air purification units to avoid bacterial contamination when we do on-farm oocyte searching. In more than 3000 OPU have done on-farm, we have not seen any contaminations so far.”

Dr. Hong Wei
Chief Scientific Officer &
Director of IVF production, R&D
Trans Ova Genetics ,LC
Sioux Center, IA 51250

Trans Ova Genetics, LC offers ET, IVF, Donor and Bull Housing, Custom Collected Sexed Semen, Recipient Options, Live Calf, Bovine Technology, and Stewardship of Transgenic Programs. We focus on core competencies of outstanding animal husbandry, technological advancements and a commitment to improved agricultural applications of these principles.



zandair_testimoni-resized-600As experienced laboratory professionals, MT Laboratory Solutions is committed to designing excellence into new ART laboratories and transforming existing ART laboratories to achieve successful results Our focus is on creating industry leading laboratories that can successfully perform blastocyst culture, single embryo transfer, and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Since laboratory air quality is pivotal in maintaining high quality embryo production and ongoing pregnancy rates, it is critical for MT Laboratory Solutions to collaborate with an industry leader that we can depend upon to design high quality HVAC systems appropriate for IVF laboratories.

It has been a pleasure to work with Zandair over the past few years. Not only do they understand the inner workings of the IVF laboratory, but they know just as importantly how to integrate their product a properly HVAC designed system. I know I can count on them to provide the best clean air environment for the IVF laboratory setting at an economical price point never before seen in the ART market.

Kathleen Miller, Vice President, MT Laboratory Solutions 


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