The Dedicated Staff of Zander Scientific, Inc.

   We are committed to providing our customers with the best air purification products available on the market today. The medical profession treats medical problems with medical solutions: antibiotics against aerobiological pathogens. We treat these medical problems by taking the laws of physics to convert the molecular structure of aerobiological pathogens. Our air purification products use the laws of physics by utilizing ultraviolent light in the C band region 257.3 nm (UVC) and titanium dioxide as a semiconductor photocatalyst. This process is called photocatalytic oxidation, which takes out of the DNA/RNA the oxygen atom and converts a malignant aerobiological pathogen into detritus, (non-living particulate organic material) CO2, and water, cleaning the air of dangerous disease, allergy, and virus causing molecules. That is how our air purification products work and solve a medical problem using the laws of physics. Our friendly staff is here to serve you. We care about the air you breathe and how it affects your overall health and the health of your employees, and families. We continue to do research to ensure our air purification products can meet the needs of your laboratories and medical facilities. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Fred Zander, President & CEO

Fred2[1]   Fred Zander is President and CEO of Zander Scientific, Inc. / ZANDAIR, Inc. which provides an array of high quality capital equipment and consumables for In Vitro Fertilization, andrology, and other laboratories.

Fred has been involved in human IVF for over twenty years as a scientist and entrepreneur. The companies quickly grew to be a major supplier to infertility centers, and other laboratories, throughout the United States and worldwide. One of his design inventions, the Zander Spermometer is an analytic tool which allows the accurate determination of sperm concentration in millions/ml count. It is economical because it is washable and reusable.

Fred recognized the need for an air filtration system that was efficient, quiet, and affordable, and could attack the molecular structure of hydrocarbon pollutants, “VOCs” and “CACs” thus rendering them harmless, including viruses and bacteria. He took technology and adapted it so that the strict air quality requirements are now attainable for air purification in IVF laboratories, pathology laboratories, offices and homes. New applications for these products are emerging daily. Positive response has been worldwide.

He built his companies on a superior work ethic, with the help of his colleagues, upon a solid base of superior customer service and competitive pricing. Fred loves the outdoors and was an avid scuba diver and wine connoisseur. Fred and the Zander team reside in Vero Beach, Florida known as “The Beginning of The Tropics”.

We are very fortunate to have a superior support staff at Zander Scientific, Inc. All of our employees share the same philosophy that the customer always comes first. This attitude carries over to all aspects of our business from taking orders to making “on time” deliveries. The entire staff is knowledgeable about all of our products which greatly enhances and expedites customer service.

Jean Shaw, General Manager

   Jean has been with Zander since 2005 and provides management, product support, sales and customer service. She is familiar with our products and strives to provide unparalleled customer support. Jean majored in Business Management at Indian River Community College and has lived in Florida for over 30 years. Her hobbies include reading and gardening and cats. She has an Oriental Shorthair  and a Cornish Rex.


 Ana dos Santos, Customer Service Specialist
Ana   Ana has been a valued member of the Zander staff since 2005 primarily serving our South American clients with sales and product support focusing on excellent customer service. She is also responsible for marketing and accounting support. Born and raised in Venezuela with many years in this country, Ana received her education at the University of Central Venezuela in Sociology and speaks fluent Spanish. She enjoys photography, good music and the outdoors.

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