Portable Models

ZAND-AIR™ Portable “Plug & Play”

Portable Air Purification Systems


ZAND-AIR™ 100C / ZAND-AIR™ 100P by Zander Scientific, Inc. “PLUG & PLAY” Portable Air Purification Systems embody unique air-purification technologies. The PRO-Cell™ patented catalytic technology significantly reduces the presence of irritable and toxic airborne gaseous contaminants.


  • A quiet, energy-efficient reversed-curved impeller moves 265 cfm/7.5 m3 of air per minute.
  • An advanced electronic control system that monitors air quality, air flow and volume, filter, and UVC germicidal lamp replacement time.
  • A four-stage filtration system with gas-adsorption media adsorbs toxic gas, organic hydrocarbons, exhaust fumes, formaldehyde, cleaning chemicals, radon, low level ozone, unpleasant odors, and paint solvents.
  • The PRO-Cell™ photocatalytic oxidation chamber reduces the spread of airborne disease in the laboratory / office / home environment. UV germicidal light in the 254 nm wave length has 150 times the ultraviolet intensity of bright sunlight which renders virus and bacteria harmless, and does NOT produce ozone.
  • The PRO-Cell™ photo-catalytic oxidation technology which has received six patents from the USPTO, will keep the air clean and fresh in exactly the same way sunlight and oxygen clean the air we breathe in the outdoor environment.

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