The ZAND-AIR™ 100C features an activated carbon filter which adsorbs VOCs, toxic chemicals and gases and a hospital grade HEPA filter individually tested by the supplier and certified to remove particles of 0.3 um with not less than 99.97% efficiency.


The ZAND-AIR™ 100P features TWO (2) activated carbon filters, with specially formulated gas adsorption media (including zeolite and potassium permanganate).


The ZAND-AIR PCOC™3 model is a powder-coated metal encased unit to be fitted into the HVAC/AHU unit or into the air ducting to provide an airtight flow of the airstream through the unit and has the spaces for an optional removable MERV-13 filter and optional removable Potassium Permanganate activated charcoal Filter.

When the Highest Air Quality is a Priority:
ZAND-AIR™ Photo-Catalytic Air Purification Systems.

The Zander Scientific, Inc. product line, ZAND-AIR™ air purification systems provide superior air purification using photo-catalytic oxidation. The purity of ambient air is a process that many industries throughout the world continue to focus on improving. Much of the research and development is centered on removing both dry and liquid particles. In the industrial sector continued improvements have been made to comply with EPA regulations, and reduce particulates to improve general working conditions.

Worldwide Distributors

Worldwide Distributors
We at Zandair recognize our product line does require in depth education of the sales engineers and we are willing to commit the time to make that happen.

Photocatalyic Oxidation

Photocatalyic Oxidation
Quality air is our specialty; we clean air down to the last molecule.

Download Product Literature

Download Product Literature
Download our brochures for in-depth details and specifications of each ZANDAIR™ product.

Clean Air to the Last Molecule !

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